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Why Millennials Should Try Out an RV Rental in Austin5 min read

Why Millennials Should Try Out an RV Rental in Austin

Why Millennials Should Try Out an RV Rental in Austin

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Going RVing is becoming more and more popular, and especially among the younger generations. Millenials, those aged ~18-34, are the fastest growing age group for new campers and RV rentals. The segment above them, from 35-44, is the fastest growing group of RV owners.

Millenials are the fastest growing age group for both new campers and RV rentals. Click To Tweet

With summer quickly approaching and our home base of Austin repeatedly being named as one of the top cities for younger folk in the country, we thought we’d give a nudge to those who are considering getting an RV rental in Austin but who aren’t quite sure yet.

Reasons to Experience an RV Rental in Austin


For a Cross-Country Trip

Recreational vehicles are the ultimate road trip adventure machines. It’s what we designed them for. For most of us under 40, purchasing a mobile home is out of our financial reach.

Renting an RV can be far cheaper than you might think and enables you to use the vehicle only as long as you need it and return when you’re done. Furthermore, it can be a fun way to ditch airport travel that restricts how much you can pack. RVs are basically luxury moving trucks. Good luck bringing your kayak on a plane.

As a Middleground Between Hotels and Tent Camping

An obvious benefit of camping in an RV is that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of setting up a tent and sleeping on the ground. When you rent an RV you get the benefits of still being able to enjoy all the same camping activities without most of the disadvantages.

In an expensive city like San Francisco, staying at an RV park can act as a cheaper option to expensive hotel rooms. The cost per night of renting an RV is usually about half that of staying at a hotel, and it offers privacy that hostels in the same price range lack. It also probably has better bathrooms and the addition of a kitchen. Your RV is your hotel room wherever you are. That way, you can have your s’more and eat it too.

To Escape the City

Lots of younger Austinites have chaotic 9-5’s during weekdays and sometimes even more exhausting weekends spent partying off the stress of the week. Renting an RV can provide the change of pace you need. Free from traffic and noise and reunited with a pitch black sky, you can forget about your Monday meeting for a while.

Staying in an Austin RV rental can also break up the monotony that you can already feel yourself beginning to fall into as a twenty-something adult. Instead of driving to your 10 a.m. Saturday workout class, you can step out of your RV and go hiking with friends another reason why millennials should try out an RV rental in Austin.

To Avoid Vehicle Maintenence

We’re not saying that since the vehicle isn’t yours, it gives you the right to mistreat it. However, anyone who owns an RV can tell you that maintaining them can be a time-consuming process. Owners have to worry about changing fluids, checking for water damage, winterizing the vehicle, and much more. Since you rented it, as long as you returned it in the same shape you found it, you’re off the hook.


Renting an RV in Austin is a great alternative to buying one. It allows you to experience an RVing adventure without having to take out a loan. In addition to saving you money, renting an RV as opposed to buying one means you won’t have to worry about RV maintenance. You can rent an Austin RV, take it on a Texas road trip, and easily return it when you’re done that is why millennials should try out an RV rental in Austin.

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