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Why $5 per Reservation Is Definitely Worth It5 min read

Why $5 per Reservation Is Definitely Worth It

Why $5 per Reservation Is Definitely Worth It

Here are some reasons why $5 per reservation is definitely worth it. Recently, our Sales Director, Mark Cuda, explained why most campers don’t mind paying a small platform fee in exchange for the benefits that come with booking their family’s camping trip instantly, online. Watch the video below, or read the transcription to learn more about out how using RoverPass RMS improves your guest’s experiences at your campground!


When campgrounds consider switching to RoverPass, they often ask themselves, “Is $5 a reservation really worth it? Are my campers going to mind paying this platform fee?” Well, today, we’re going to show you exactly why $5 a reservation is actually a bargain, considering all of the value that you and your campers are going to receive.

Have you ever been in your own RV? Driving on the highway, sun is going down, and that familiar question comes to mind. “Where am I going to stay tonight?” Wouldn’t it be nice if you could hop on your iPhone, find a nearby campground, and in just a couple of taps, have an online reservation and a safe place for you and your family to stay?

Did you know that 88% of Americans feel the same way? They prefer going online when making travel plans. With RoverPass, we’re bridging that gap between you and accepting online reservations. And campers can complete the entire checkout process in less than one minute.

Of course, happy campers means happy campgrounds. We even send emails to potential campers who haven’t finished the checkout process, reminding them to do so. And this is going to help you earn as much revenue as possible with our system. And lastly, our online checkout even lets you create add-on services and products to help you make more money per reservation.

One of our customers, check this out, Camp Clearwater, added 100 additional customers just after implementing our system in the last camping season alone. And another one of our partners, West Gate RV Park, they attribute a 16% increase in revenue, thanks to RoverPass. What would 16% of additional revenue do for you and your campground?

Every time your campers make a reservation, whether online, over the phone, or even in person, our system’s going to automatically send an email and text message notification with a receipt. We also send text message reminders before the reservation, and we ask each camper to leave a review for your campground after their stay. And of course, everyone knows how important online reviews are for your campground.

Additionally, all of your campers, whether online or over-the-phone reservations, can access their reservation online, request a cancellation, and even communicate directly with you at the campground, all through our software.

This saves you and your campers a ton of time and energy. And thanks to RoverPass’s time-saving management features, you’re going to cut down drastically on reservation management time, which is going to free up a lot more time for you and your staff to do what’s a lot more important, improve your park and interact with your campers.

Most of our campground partners choose to pass the $5 platform fee off to campers. And in exchange for all of the convenience and peace of mind that they receive, a small $5 platform fee, about the cost of a cup of coffee these days, really isn’t that big of a pill to swallow.

And remember, RoverPass doesn’t have any monthly subscription fees, annual licensing dues, or even setup costs. We only make money when you make money. Plus, we don’t lock you into any long-term contracts. So, we’re going to have to earn your business every single day. And that’s how we like it. So, call up your RoverPass representative today, or shoot us an email at And just give us a shot.

If you do even half as well as the rest of our campground partners, you’re going to be very, very impressed. I’m Mark Cuda, sales director here at RoverPass. Happy camping. We hope this answers why $5 per reservation is definitely worth it.

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The RoverPass Reservation Management System is built to help you save time and money with cloud-based reservation management software. Accept reservations online, over the phone, or in-person and track your availability in one central system.