The World’s Most Amazing Connectable Tents and More4 min read

The World's Most Amazing Connectable Tents and More

The World’s Most Amazing Connectable Tents and More

Camping isn’t camping without a tent. Here are some of the world’s most amazing connectable tents and more. These are our picks for going camping in a tent in style, with a collection featuring hanging tents, connectable tents, organic tents, and more. Enjoy our list and be sure to comment at the bottom if we missed any amazing tents you’ve heard of!

Most Amazing Connectable Tents and More

2 Seconds Easy Tent by Quechua

quechua 2sectent

This pop-up tent takes only two seconds of air time to plop back down to earth fully pitched. It’s perfect for all the campers out there who prefer minimal effort and time when pitching their tent making it the first of the world’s most amazing connectable tents and more.

Cocoon Tree Bed by Cocoon Tree

cocoon tree bed

The ultimate glamping experience may actually be in this Cocoon Tree Bed. It was invented for campers who prefer bringing a taste of luxury with them to the great outdoors.

Cork Treehouse Tent


This portable and sustainable tent is not yet available for purchase. The design is a result of a collaboration between Ana Correia, Vasco Lopes, Vera Gomes for Dideia, and was built to be breathable, portable, and comprised of organic and sustainable material. You can actually package it up after using it.

Decagon Connectable Tents by Logos


Designed by Japanese camping firm, Logos, this labyrinth of connectable tents provides an epic amount of space. You can connect and disconnect sections to create however many tunnels and pockets as you desire.

Full Booked Tent by Jack Maxwell

fully booked tent

Built with light-weight aluminum poles and a spacious 3-person inside, this tent is a fun specialty for avid readers and book fans.

Gigwam Cave Connectable Tents by Gigwam


These connectable tents/tepees are perfect for social or group camping at festivals and outdoor events. Ideally, each group has their own tepee that connects with their friends or families via a tunnel.

The Cave by Heimplanet

heimplanet the cave

The Cave is an inflatable 2-3 person tent that requires no metal poles or difficult assembly. You can carry an air pump or self-inflate.

JakPak Wearable Tent by JakPak


A first of it’s kind, the JakPak is a wearable tent. It offers the full package: a waterproof jacket, a sleeping bag, and a tent all-in-one!

Kahuna Kayak Tent by Mario Weiss

kahuna Kayak Tent

The Kahuna Kayak Tent takes camping to the open water. This tent and kayak duo was Designed by Mario Weiss.

Stronghold by Mountain Hardware


This hard duty tent was engineered to house over 10 people and survive extreme weather conditions.

Nyamuk Tent by Leonie Bergmaier

nyamuk tent

The Nyamuk tent is a sleeping bag, hammock, and tent all-in-one. With a built-in mosquito net, this piece of recreational camping gear is ultra-light, compact and easy to set up.

Orange Solar Tent by Kaleidoscope


This 4-person solar tent is one of the ultimate green camping gadgets! Solar cells built into the tent gather energy during the day so you can charge electronic devices, sound equipment, and it even lights up orange at night! The concept and design are developed but is not available to purchase until Kaleidoscope launches their 2015 Kickstarter.

Piilo Indoor Tent

piilo tent

This tent is not meant for the outdoors, but its interesting design makes it an excellent option for an indoor tent or fort.

Tentsile Tree Tents

tentsile tree tents

Suspend your tent in the trees!

Transparent Bubble Tents


Ever wonder what it feels like to be inside of a snow globe? Here is the perfect way to find out! Inflatable and transparent bubble tents are a great way to go glamping if you aren’t afraid of animals watching you from the outside which is why they are one of the world’s most amazing connectable tents and more.

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