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Reasons to Try Going Christmas Camping4 min read

Reasons to Try Going Christmas Camping

Reasons to Try Going Christmas Camping

Noisy crowds, endless selfies, peak-time rush, never-ending honking, hassled shoppers, overflowing eateries, jam-packed hotels, booking woes –  seems like a nightmarish experience, doesn’t it? Well, that is the worrisome state of things at practically every popular tourist spot across the globe during the holiday season! Here are some reasons to try going christmas camping from Rover Pass. Though no sites in the world will warn you about these scenarios, it is the reality.

Now, how about a quiet holiday at a secluded spot, far away from the crowds? Bubbling brooks, twinkling stars, chirping birds and rustling trees giving you company as you and your travel companions huddle around a campfire barbecuing? That sounds like a dream-come-true, doesn’t it? If this one reason was enough to kindle your interest, read further to know why you should ditch the holiday crowds and head out camping for a relaxed and rejuvenating vacation!

Reasons to Go Christmas Camping


Camping lets you rediscover yourself

Spending some time far away from the city life, in the vicinity of nature is a therapy like no other. Not surrounded by peer pressure, the fear of being judged and the other usual stresses of the competitive world, we learn to shed our inhibitions and discover our true selves.

Camping makes you independent

Right from deciding the routes, hiking the trails to setting up the tents and preparing your own meals, camping is one activity which we have to completely manage on our own. One cannot rely on technology or help from other people to successfully complete the tasks at hand. Thus, camping is one experience that teaches us to do our own work independently.

Camping teaches you the importance of minimalistic living

With no fancy equipment and luxurious options available at our disposal, camping teaches us to make the best out of whatever we have. We learn how silly and frivolous our fussy demands seemed and how we can easily cope without things which we once thought were indispensable to our existence!

Camping strengthens your bond with your travel companions

Just imagine going to a place with very less or no mobile connectivity, no human interruptions and no distractions except the beauty of the nature. Undoubtedly, a camping trip at such remote places will bequeath you with a unique opportunity to converse with your buddies and get to know them better. A midnight conversation under the stars will strengthen your bond like no other holiday ever would!

Camping increases your fitness levels

Any holiday or vacation gives us guilt pangs after we come back, thanks to those calories we gained from hogging and not exercising. Choosing the option of camping over traveling to popular tourist spots will put the mind at ease because it is a rigorous physical activity which will surely help to shed those extra pounds!

Psyched about planning a camping expedition already? Here are some pointers on how to plan a camping trip!

  • The key to a great camping session is perfect planning – so, make sure you make your trip itineraries first!
  • Organize your camping gear- Your tents, maps, groceries, clothing, sleeping bags, torches and medical kits should be safely packed in your rucksacks.
  • Wear proper hiking attire- sturdy shoes, dry-fit pants and all-weather protection jackets are a must!
  • Do not forget to carry lots of insect and mosquito repellent creams and ointments

So, all set? Off you go! The wilderness is calling out to you. Happy Camping!

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